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Register to Attend

Registration for the day

This year we will be introducing a self-registration system where you are asked to register to attend by completing an on-line Registration form. Registration will close on 24 August 2018. You can register by clicking here.

There will be a Civic Reception at Belfast City Hall at 6.30pm - 8.30pm on Saturday 29 September. The eligibility criteria for those attending this Reception is as follows.

Families of deceased officers; a representative [& +1] from each Federation Branch Board; the Senior officer [& +1] attending from UK Police Forces; Police & Crime Commissioner [& +1] from each Police Force in England & Wales; Representative [& +1] from national staff associations and Police Charities. Other invited guests.

For those wishing to attend the Saturday evening reception please indicate this on your booking form.

If you have any queries then please contact National Police Memorial Day by e-mail: nationalpolicememorialday@polfed.org or by telephone 07843 293958.

Tickets will also be sent to you [or your group leader] by e-mail. Admission into the event will be on the production of a valid ticket and appropriate photo-identification.

When registering a group, invitations can be sent out to one address, provided that all names and addresses reflect each guest's form of identification that they will be asked to bring with them to gain access to the event (e.g. passport, driving licence).